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InnoMoS GmbH
InnoMoS GmbH

InnoMoS GmbH

InnoMoS GmbH

InnoMoS GmbH (www.innomos.de) is one of the fastest growing German IT service providers. The key technology field InnoMos is dealing with is mobile and web application development. Besides providingoutsourcing services, our customer has own product – Coupons in Motion – high end mobile couponing platform (http://coupons-in-motion.com).

Coupons in Motion mobile application allows consumers to retrieve, sort, organize and redeem coupons or deals from local merchants on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Printing of coupons is no longer necessary. Merchants, store managers or franchise owners can initiate/pause/stop their own coupon campaign within minutes from any web access point.


  • Establish in short time frame (1 month) a remote development team of up to 5 developers, to satisfy the customers’ needs in extra development resources
  • Equip team with 4 mobile app developers (iOS and Android) and 1 web developer (PHP/Ruby on Rails)
  • Gather2 separate teams inside the development center. One team focuses on supporting customer’s commercial projects (serving outsourcing branch of InnoMos), while the second team is supporting the InnoMos’ marketing platform ‘Coupons in Motion’
  • Arrange an internal QA and PM procedures and establish a good communication channel between InnoMos and SoftTechnics management teams.
  • Combine Onsite and Offsite project management efforts


  • Challenge: To establish a team of senior level developers in extremely limited time frame.
  • Solution: SoftTechnics has combined the high class internal resources both with access to the large local pool of available professionals and in the end such strategy has allowed us to gather the needed team in a requested time frame
  • Challenge: supplying different spheres of InnoMos activity: ensuring outsourcing and support forInnoMos own project, providing maximum flexibility of resources, and conducting developers’rotation between the two teams. Arranging two separate teams was not an option.
  • Solution: SoftTechnics established a flexible internal PM procedures. The management was done on the customer’s side, but we have provided both teams with one internal PM, who was monitoring and controlling the teams, in parallel way with customer’s PMs. SoftTechnics’ PM was working half time onsite, in customer’s office and, 50% offsite, with the local team at Ukrainian office of SoftTechnics. The solution allowed us to easily rotate developers between teams, as our PM had all the necessary technical info from both termsat all times.


  • Development center was established within a requested time frame
  • A lot of major changes and upgrades were made to the Coupons and Motion platform by the ODC team of SoftTechnics.
  • The cooperation between SoftTechnics and InnoMos, allowed the customer to multiply the amount of commercial projects implemented
  • During the cooperation between SoftTechnics and InnoMos, the platform Coupons in Motion has significantly increased its user base, gaining such “A” class customers as McDonalds
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