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Taxi4U Driver iOS App

Taxi4U Driver iOS App

The new freedom for taxi drivers! Available in Zurich.

What is Taxi4U? With the practical Taxi4U app inquiries for a taxi appear directly in your phone without a need of a controller. As a one of the leading mobile app development companies, SoftTechnics knows the main challenges mobile users face, and try to bring them great solutions. Developed by our mobile app development team, Taxi4U makes you even more mobile.


How Taxi4U works for the driver? Taxi drivers located in the close proximity to the passenger receive a request on their smartphone. The display shows the location of the customer. The driver who is the closest gets the passenger. Other clients' requirements are in the supplementary information.


Once a driver accepts the order, the customer sees the way of the ordered taxi and the exact arrival time on his screen.

Your benefits are:

  • More trips
  • Direct orders via the app - independent - no contract
  • Simple - need only phone
  • Flexible - no attachement to the location
  • Transparency: You can see how many trips exactly you've made. The passenger is known: name, number and the customer.

What should I do to become a part of this system?

  • Acquire smartphone (iPhone) 
  • Download Taxi4U "Driver" and register
  • We will contact you to unlock it
  • Open program and wait for the first order

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Requires iOS 4 or later
  • Language: English, German


Taxi4U Driver on the store

Taxi4U Driver iOS App
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