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Taxi4U iOS App
Taxi4U iOS App

Taxi4U iOS App

Why Taxi4U

Our mobile app developerstook care of your taxi calls. Just press a button and the nearest taxi is on its way to you. No need to search thattaxi number, no hassle of phone calls to the taxi office - everything is said with one click. Answers are provided individually and for free.


How it works:

Taxi4U automatically determines your location. You only need to confirm your address and - if desired - add your individual needs: debit card payment, large taxi, or the environment-friendly (Eco) taxi. Then you see on the live how your taxi drives up and the countdown to the arrival on the screen. The app shows the arrival of the car. No more freezing rain outside the door or being caught in a sudden shower. Taxi drivers and passengers meet just on time thanks to App.


These are your benefits:

- Taxi can be ordered without any call - it automatically locates you

- Fare charge

- You can keep track live on the display directly to your destination.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
  • Language: English, German


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Taxi4U iOS App
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