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WebHeart 2.0
WebHeart 2.0

WebHeart 2.0

Developed by our professional web development team, thisExtJS and PHP5- based system gives full web-site content control. Extended authorization system allows combining CMS users into groups, and adjusting access rights for individual users. Each user can make individual language and visual adjustments. UI module allows to add languages and to make translations. Integrated “Settings” module allows getting alternatives used in the development process. News module makesadding and editing news line easy and fast.

The system a voting moduleintegrated into it. Using categories management module, you can place modules in any preferred order, categorizing and renaming them. If it is necessary to create a new module inside the CMS, you can use Module generator tool, which allowsdetermining and checking fieldsin "Wizard" mode. Forms generator allows you to create form patterns from user created modules that could be skinned and used on the site.

WebHeart 2.0
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