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Wireltern iPhone App

Wireltern iPhone App

Our iPhone application development team has an expertise with a number of diverse projects. The apps our developers created are suited for the needs of different users, from business people to sports fans, to children.


In the life of every family, the pregnancy period can be fairly called the most essential one. There are numerous websites, books, courses and other materials to study to be well-prepared to the childbirth, but as soon as the information is needed, it seemingly gets lost in the sea of hardly related data available on the matter. Wireltern iPhone application is one of the latest applications we developed for future parents. “Wir Eltern” means “we are parents” in German. The app was developed with Thalia.ch, and aims at helping the parents-to-be with necessary information as they wait for the arrival of the baby. The pregnancy period is always connected with an almost unbearable amount of responsibilities, and there can sometimes be a considerable lack of time to tackle organizational matters. Having all the necessary information in your pocket can facilitate the activities and save you time for what’s really important.


As a leading iPhone app development company, SoftTechnics presents Wireltern iPhone application by our very own iPhone developers. With this app, you will receive weekly information on your baby's development. The Wireltern application displays your current week of pregnancy at all times, and may also define the last day of your period, or the birth date. Additionally, you can keep a diary, upload your own ultrasound images, and review useful information in magazines. The application was developed by our iPhone developers.


At the end of a pregnancy period you can even send a birth message with child pic directly from the App.


  • Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
  • Language: German
Wireltern iPhone App
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