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SoftTechnics with its ODC implemented a wide list of drivers for OS/2 for Mensys

One of the projects by or custom software development team is called Multimac.
This project covers drivers for contemporary NIC (MAC) under OS/2 | eCS based on common template. The main idea is that every driver consists of two parts, one is system-dependent (strategy, registration in Resource Manager and so on) and the other one is hardware-dependent. That's why this project eliminates loads ofrepeated job with the system-dependent part, making this part common for existent and future drivers, and allowing developers to concentrate efforts on the hardware-dependent part. The other idea of this project is to translate open-sourcedrivers source code for other systems like Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and others. In this way, it's enough for every new NIC to have driver for one of open-source system for having driver for OS/2 | eCS.

Current state: as for now, drivers for contemporary Intel(r) and NVidia(r) 1 Gbit NICs are completed, for Realtek (r) NICs are at late beta stage, for Intel WiFi NICs are in alpha testing, for Broadcomm(r) NICs are under evaluation. All of them cover the whole set of 100M/1G set of NICs, both copper and fiber carrier that are covered with new Linux drivers.

Main features: all drivers are developed under GPL license, using OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler and use common system-dependent part of code. On the other hand, hardware-dependent part is close enough to Linux driver code, so it can be managed and updated when analog Linux code is changed. All these drivers source codes are available from SVN, so programmers out there can make own contributions, so can testers, or even users with backfeed to developers.

System requirements: OS/2 Warp 4 or OS/2 Aurora or eCS; MAC covered by this project.

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