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Open Da Vinci Encryption System

Open Da Vinci Encryption System

Today not only large corporations need to protect their data from competitors, but every single individual, who is a computer user, requires some kind of sensitive data protection. Internet access and social mediapresence in particular present a certain threat of data compromise and this can lead to both personal harm and financial loss. Hence, today it is not enough for an encryption system to only prevent casual observers from seeing personal information when the user is not there. It is also not enough for an encryption system to help protect computers from online threats. In order for the encryption system to be truly effective it should perform all the above mentioned roles plus it providing flexibility in transporting encrypted files from one computer to another without unnecessary decryption; the system should be easy and convenient in incorporation into daily routine. SoftTechnics’ software application development team developed a unique encryption system Da Vinci that is able to perform all these functions. SoftTechnics worked on Da Vinci through its ODC team of software developers who created the system with focus on cost-effectiveness and convenience in use while incorporating the strong and widely-accepted AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. Da Vinci system was designed and can be used for both corporate and personal use and it is easy to make it part of one’s daily computer routine.

  • Establish an offshorecustom software development team of 10 developersand QA in short time frame (1 month) to fulfill the client’s needs in additional development resources
  • Equip the team with 8 highly qualified С++ software developers and 2 QA engineers
  • Build good communication chain between the client (private investor) and management at SoftTechnics
  • Combine Onsite and Offsite project management efforts

  • Challenge: Find and establish a team of qualified and skilled custom software development team in a short time Solution: Thanks to the effort of enthusiastic HR department at SoftTechnics combined with premium class internal resources and large pool of available IT developers locally, the team was gathered on time and started to work on the project promptly.
  • Challenge: long-term project requires much effort coordination between the client and the offshore development team; effective communication and flexibility are key, but can become main hurdles fast.

Solution: As a leading software development company, SoftTechnics established a flexible internal process combined with external evaluation and monitoring on the client’s side.

  • Offshore Development Center was established in a needed time frame and operated according to the set objectives
  • Open Da Vinci encryption system was successfully created and launched
  • Communication and cooperation between the offshore team and the client was smooth and led to substantial reduction of costs on the project, which was one of the major goals
  • Open Da Vinci became a widely-used encryption system, purchased by a large number of customers
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