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SoftTechnics Mission and Values

About us

SoftTechnics is an innovative New York-based IT company specializing in mobile application development, web applications and game development, with premium-class delivery centers located in Ukraine. Today our main focus is on setting up offshore software development centers for our clients. Throughout our history we managed to gain the reputation of a professional, reliable business partner, confirmed by ratings and certificates that prove our commitment to the highest standards on all stages of cooperation. Success of our projects is due to the innovative solutions worked out by our highly professional IT teams lead by experienced management. We offer our clients premium quality solutions that today’s IT needs, based on principles of transparency with the process built to constantly exceed expectations.


To constantly exceed our customer's expectations, delivering individual, premium quality IT services in a partnership manner utilizing our bright talents.


Our vision is to be the leading development center for cost-effective mobile, Web and software solutions in Europe and North America, best known for our innovative team and technologically advanced development center.


SoftTechnics believes that the measure of success of the company is based on having the right team in place with an innovative spirit, a positive attitude, and the required level of effort needed for realizing the company’s goals and ensuring client satisfaction and long-term success.


Exceed expectations

SoftTechnicsunderstands that there are no unimportant aspects of effective client management and we are passionate about every project. We work very closely with our clients to resolve their individual issues and build trust in order to develop the foundation for strong working relationships. This is how we exceed the expectations of our clients and build mutually beneficial partnerships.


The SoftTechnics team is enthusiastic about helping our clients to not only get their solutions, but also to apply our consultative expertise and advise them on new opportunities for achieving a competitive advantage. We offer our clients recommendations on process improvements and technical modifications to their products and services to remain on the cutting-edge of innovation.


At SoftTechnics, we establish and develop our relationships with our clients based upon the principles of transparency and respect for each other’s interests. We appreciate the trust of our clients and understand that it is important to operate our business with integrity and responsibility, and to keep our promises, because we know that only by working together with our clients can we achieve greater success.

SoftTechnics focuses on understanding our clients’ needs, delivering IT services & IT solutions at the right cost and required speed. We believe we succeed when our clients succeed; when their performance outpaces that of their competitors’ and exceeds their expectations. In line with SoftTechnics’ customer-oriented strategy, we remain very flexible in constructing partnerships and collaborations with our clients. Our quite expansive list of managed IT services can be delivered in the form of either software Outsourcing or Outstaffing, consistent with the client’s needs and requirements. By letting SoftTechnics deliver you IT services, you’ll gain a process of true excellence, high level of IT expertise, and a pool of experienced personnel resources. Our goal is to drive business transformation utilizing IT tools that produce substantial business results. Please review our list of IT development services.

Web developers at SoftTechnics inject new flows and efficiency into your daily site operation routines. Our expertise in complex corporate/enterprise web development and sophisticated portal development can help our clients build robust, flexible, scalable and effective web projects through custom web development solutions that we provide.

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