About Dedicated Team

The SoftTechnics approach for Dedicated Team model of cooperation is based on delivering high quality, valuable web and mobile development services by focusing on our strengths, such as resource scalability, transparency throughout all processes, research and development as opposed to just coding the software, and a polished HR process.

Focused on adding value

SoftTechnics takes a consulting approach to understand the main priorities of your business, your position on the market, and the most critical aspects of your product’s success. We are leveraging cutting edge web and mobile technologies and our vast expertise in software development to help you generate more revenue.

Management, done the right way

We are just as focused on your success as you are, and we believe that communication and a polished HR process are key. Your Dedicated team is crafted just for you, trained to reach your objectives. After all, you’re the boss. We're here to make sure your Dedicated team is effective and is a match for the goals you’ve set.


We foster friendly relationships with our clients and make our business processes as transparent as possible. We provide you with full information on the cost, workflow, and resources in your Dedicated team. You have all the figures and possess all the necessary information to make the right management decisions.

Research and Development

Web and mobile software product development is a creative process. And to succeed, you need to innovate, making complex things simple. We utilize R&D so that we are able to deliver a wide range of solutions to your problems and provide advice that helps you make the best choices for your web or mobile product.

Comparison Of Different Type Of Teams




Focused on Adding Value

Hourly Rate

Highest Hourly Cost

40% Less

40% to 60% Less

Infrastructure Cost

Added Cost

Imbedded In Rate

Imbedded in Rate


You Get Full benefit

You Get Full Benefit

Firm Keeps the Margin


You interviev the candidate

You interviev the candidate

You interview the firm in general

Turnover / Learning Curve

5% to 7%


Up to 20%

Work Hours


Fixed monthly fee

Billable Hours

Severance Risk / Constraints

Severance / Tax Effects


Cancellation Clause/Penalty

Management, done the right way

Speed to Scale Up

Slow to Add, Expensive

All Levels Scale

Junior Levels Scale

Speed / Ability to Scale Down

Limited / Costly

All Levels Scale

Cancellation Clause/Penalty

Nature of Relationship

It's Your Team

It's Your Team

Firm's EE's Assigned Project

Time Zone / Adjacency


7 Hours Difference

13+ Hours Difference

Hired Directly for You on Joint Criteria

Your Co's Criteria

Joint Optimal

Hired to Broadest Need for Firm


Your Program

Integrated Training


Evaluate / Promoted / Career Interest


Just Like Your Eyes

Very "Firm-Focused"

Alignment with Company Objectives



Grow the Firm


Recource Transparency

It's Your Team

It's Your Team

Lack of Transparency

Processes Transparency (PM, HR)

It's Your Team

It's Your Team

Lack of Transparency

Cost Transparency

It's Your Team

It's Your Team

Lack of Transparency

R&D services

Innovation on Approach and Tools


Proven Innovators

Firm Owns Methods

Innovation on Content

You Own Methods

Full Access to Methods Tools

Task Focused

All IP

Your IP

Your IP

Contractual; Firm Keeps Method/Tool Inventions

SoftTechnics HR Process

The advantages SoftTechnics provides to its clients based on our Dedicated Team model of cooperation are widely used by many companies from different verticals. We were able to implement and provide them due to our well established and tuned engagement process.

SoftTechnics HR department closely cooperates with our clients and understands their needs. This mutually beneficial collaboration allowed them to build a strong HR process that our clients benefit. It can be described in the following steps:

  • 1

    Consulting and market analysis

  • 2

    Candidate search and selection

  • 3

    Adaptation period of new employees

  • 4

    Company personnel evaluation

  • 5

    Professional training and career planning

  • 6

    Employee retention and motivation

  • 7

    Strong employer branding

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Dedicated Team Developers

Mobile and Web Developers

The size and skill depth of any Dedicated Team is largely dependent on the client's strategic goals and project budget. Even for a small project, however, one needs skills, experience and enthusiasm from team members.

The core skill sets your team that our offshore software development company can help you hire, will have are:

  • Strategy and planning

  • Project management

  • Information architecture and user interface design

  • Web design development

  • Web technology

  • Site production

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Game
  • Web
  • 3D Artist
  • Java
  • .NET

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The experienced and mature HR department at SoftTechnics will help you to hire a dedicated mobile and web development teams that will become your own in-house team. You can rely on SoftTechnics to hire iPhone and iPad developers, Android developers, HTML5, JavaScript developers, game artists and developers and other IT professionals. SoftTechnics clients receive only premium offshore software development services once they choose to hire developers working at our company.

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