Cross-platform Mobile Development

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Appcelerator Titanium is JavaScript based platform with an integrated Eclipse-based IDE that allows creating iOS, Android, and mobile web apps from a single code base. Gartner names Appcelerator as “Visionary” in their recent Magic Quadrant analysis of the rapidly growing market for mobile software platforms.


As a leading mobile development company, SoftTechnics has a dedicated team of experts in cross-platform mobile application development. Our mobile application developers can help clients to leverage advantages of Appcelerator Titanium by creating rich native mobile apps in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Cross-platform Mobile Development


1) As Appcelerator Titanium is a multi OS platform, it makes mobile cross-platform development process easier by allowing to create just one application that can be installed on iPhone, iPad or any Android device thus reducing time needed for cross-platform mobile development almost twice;


2) Appcelerator Titanium features a modular-based architecture, and ready-built cloud services along with Titanium Mobile applications (like push, data storage, image uploads, etc). It lets SoftTechnics build powerful multi-platform mobile app development systems, quickly connect them to any data source, and expand them with the largest selection of cloud-based services available;


3) Appcelerator Titamium includes platform-independent API to access native UI components including navigation bars, menus, dialog boxes and alerts, and native device functionality including the file system, sound, network and local database;


4) All applications developed using Appcelerator can leverage location-based services as Appcelerator features API access to native mobile functionality like geolocation, accelerometer and maps;


5) On cross platform mobile development stage SoftTechnics can introduce support for additional scripting languages, media codecs and device-specific functionality through open interfaces and licensing of Appcelerator platform.

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