Windows Phone 7 Application Development

Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 hit the markets in late 2010, and is still a powerful market player. Designed to serve both personal and business functionalities, Windows Phone 7 smartphones are being introduced at a rapid rate by several large mobile device manufacturers. No wonder Windows mobile app development is becoming more and more common for IT companies and developers across the world.


Produced by mobile industry powerhouses like HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG, alongside with Acer, Fujitsu, and ZTE, devices running Windows Phone 7 still hold a considerable market share. With these devices available on 60 carriers in 30 countries, the necessity of application development for the platform is hardly questionable and the prospects for mobile app developers are great as well.


WP7 is a powerful development platform and our Windows phone 7 app development professionals can help you tap into its rich functionality. As a leading mobile app developer, SoftTechnics has a professional Windows Phone 7 development team, capable of performing scalable, secure and robust mobile app development on Windows Mobile Phone Application Platform using Silverlight/XNA Framework, as well as high-end platform tools.


We are on the cutting edge of innovations and have adjusted to the upgrades brought to Windows Phone 7 in 2011. As many of the system’s shortcomings were eradicated, and the next update 7.8 followed, the platform was made even more accessible in emerging markets like China; that potentially adds immense market to be yet tackled. At SoftTechnics our team of developers working on Windows Phone 7 application development provides a wide range of services including but not limited to

  • web-based applications development
  • games, gaming and entertainment systems
  • productivity applications
  • enterprise business systems
  • promo applications
  • custom Windows mobile 7 application development
  • Windows 7 application development and porting



windows phone 7 application development


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